Korsangernes Fællesråd

Gramex funds

What is the Gramex funds?

The performing artists' rights group on Gramex's board has decided that a share of the royalties collected by Gramex on behalf of the music performers for, in particular, radio stations' use of published sound recordings, is used for cultural and educational purposes.

Korsangernes Fællesråd distributes the share of these funds that accrues to the choir area.

Who can apply?

The collective rights funds can be applied for by all performing artists, choirs and ensembles. There can, among other things, apply for grants for concerts, music releases, study trips, tours, professional development, etc.

The Choirs' Joint Council primarily distributes support for purposes related to choral singing and singing in general, within the areas of music promotion measures and professional development.


Next application deadline: 1st of September 2024

It is a good idea to read the instructions for the application process before you start.

You will find the instructions here.

The Royal Opera Chorus

The allocation committee

An allocation committee set up by the board of directors on a recommendation from the member associations of the Korsangernes Fællesråd assesses all applications.

The allocation committee consists of people with extensive experience and professional knowledge within the choir area, and all have extensive artistic work behind them.

All submitted material is treated confidentially.

The allocation committee consists from the 1st of September 2023 by the following members:

Line Juul Andersen, The Royal Opera Chorus

Bolette Bruno Hansen, The Danish National Opera Choir

Emil Lykke, The Danish National Vocal Ensemble

Kristine Gether, The Danish National Concert Choir

Jens Rademacher, Association of Assistants at the Royal Opera Chorus

Asger Lynge Petersen, The choir of Copenhagen Cathedral

Jakob Skjoldborg, Ars Nova Copenhagen